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ʽHelenʼ hobo bag PREVIEW – Available in NEW rich green color

For the last years, the ‘Helen’ collection of hobo bags have been our best selling and most favourable design of leather bags.

From the simple and minimal design to its functionality the feedback from the reviews we have received through these years have helped us improve the design and convert it to a maximum practical every day women’s bag. What we love about this bag?

  • Simple design, lightweight and easily convertible into a cross body bag.
  • The pockets and the organization inside the bag! The interior compartment is cleverly designed to keep the bag organized and tidy. Who would have imagined that the large hobo size has an interior compartment for a 13” laptop?
  • Available in three different sizes to meet customer needs.
  • The soft leather. A slouchy handbag must be crafted from the softest leathers so we use Italian full grain pebbled cowhide leathers.

This autumn while watching the color trends in leather accessories we best loved the deep rich green color and decided to enrich the hobo collection with this shade for two reasons :

  1. The green color is the best way to break the black mood of the winter, both in clothes and accessories.
  2. A green leather bag is a good investment because it can be worn both in winter and summer.

Taking a walk in the city we tried to capture the color of the new green leather hobo bag, which is already our favorite color for the upcoming winter.


Laroll Team

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