Laroll Designs

“Who is Laroll? What is the story behind this emerging and growing business? Is it one more line of leather accessories out of the thousands in the market?” It is not.

If l could define “Laroll” with only one word synonumous to what it represents, that would be “value”.

A value that is very important to me in a personal level as a designer and founder and hopefully to all of you as well.

Laroll , was founded with the ultimate goal to add value into my everyday life by designing and creating accessories of a great value to your daily lives. It is a business that do not intend to a mass production , but therefore to maintain domestic production ethically and respectivelly.

Our vision is to create a unique and personal connection with our customers by designing and customising all of our products according to their needs and personal style.

In conclusion, to answer sincerely to my first question,

“Laroll, is your personal bag designer”

Angela TH, Topalidou

Founder, Designer

“Aesthetic and clean designs that emphasize in functionality, are designs that make your bag unique, stylish and functional”