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ʽHelenʼ hobo bag PREVIEW - Available in NEW rich green color

For the last years, the ‘ Helen’ collection of hobo bags have been our best selling and most favourable design of leather bags. From the simple and minimal design to its functionality the feedback from the reviews **  we have received through these years have helped us improve the design and convert it to a maximum practical every day women’s bag. The features that customers most love are: -Simple design, lightweight for everyday wear and it is easily converted into a cross body bag. -The pockets and the organization inside the bag! The interior compartment is cleverly designed to keep the bag organized



Hello world! It has almost been a year since l last updated this blog as l had a really hard time balancing personal life with my work , hence the lack of new posts. A wedding , a long journey and mostly the internal changes in the work environment this year resulted in realigning some of my priorities. Speaking of priorities l always found intriguing observing how other people are balancing their personal lives with their work. Nowadays, it is all about finding that correct balance. While our job or carrier can be demanding and quite rewarding as well, a healthy, loving and stable  personal life is the source of our happiness and our motivation.


Laroll Loves Italy

  One of the things we enjoy doing the most is travelling. Travelling is not only about sightseeing and shopping, but it is far more than that. It is about self-cultivation, inspiration, motivation, enriching your life with unforgettable experiences. If you are in the fashion industry or if you are a designer of anything from clothes to buildings , travelling  is like blood in your veins, you can’t do without it. As a painter is inspired by a landscape, a designer is inspired by the people, buildings ,art , by a noisy square and by the rhythm and the aura of a city and its people. When l travel, l feel that there is nothing in


Stylish College Bags

  This time each year, all college students are getting ready for the new, exciting and promising college life. One of the hardest, but also the best and creating years of our lives. September is officially the month that marks the start of the new academic year, but it’s also the time to get fully organized. Back in my student days, l recall the anticipation of purchasing and organizing all of my necessities for the semester: stationary , new clothes and of course the long awaiting purchase of a new stylish college bag. Though it seemed as a pleasant experience l often had a hard time finding a suitable college bag as


How to smartly pack your handbag for travelling.

Why is it so important to choose the right carry on handbag when travelling? More than often, when we pack our luggage for our upcoming trip, we subconsciously try to save some space in our luggage, whilst not forgetting our essentials, and we also try to make the luggage as light as possible. Therefore, packing a second carry on handbag is not an option most of the times, while taking an evening clutch or a small cross body bag seems more practical and useful. Consequently, choosing the one and only handbag for our trip is essential, as it will serve several purposes. It will accompany us while travelling on the plane – boat etc, and it


How to smartly choose a bag for your summer vacation. 5 essential features to look into.

  July has just started and we are all welcoming those warm sunny days and share the enthusiasm of planning our summer vacations.   In the beginning of this adventurous month we are always busy sorting our the last details for our vacations ( booking a hotel , renting a car, etc ). Among all the tasks l particularly assort one as the most important : packaging.   How many times have we forgotten to package something essential? Yes, too many times. And how many times have we come to the conclusion that we didn’t choose the right handbag for our holidays? Either the bag was too heavy, maybe not too spacious or sometimes not so durable


Summer 2015 Colour Trend : Pale Pink

One of our favorite projects in summer is makings our leather bags in all those vibrant warm and rich colors out of the spring / summer color palette. This year the first color in our list was the pale pink orchidea colour  which we firstly added to one of our most popular design : t he Helen hobo bag . A slouchy soft hobo purse with plenty of internal organizational pockets that could spoil you. We took a nice walk today in the city and paired the pale pink hobo bag with a pair of distressed jeans ( the more distressed the better ) with a simple white shirt. Perfect! It is lovely how easily you can match a pale pink leather bag with your outfits


New colours for spring-summer and a brand new design: the SOLIN handbag.

  Hello everyone! We are happy that winter has finally come to an end and we are eager to welcome those sunny warm days.Here in Laroll, we have been working intensely the last month to prepare our new colour palette for spring- summer 2015 and our new hobo bag design : the Solin handbag.   We will be featuring four new colours and our favourite so far is a lovely dusty pink  colour that we call the Orchidea colour. The rest of the palette consists of a pastel yellow shade , the all-time classic and must have nude colour and a light shade of grey.   All these new colors will be added in the Helen hobo bag collection and to the new



  Thinking what should our first blog post be about , was harder than l expected. I finally decided that the most appropriate post would be actually to introduce our company and our new blog to our customers and readers.   The purpose of this blog is to create a strong relationship with our customers and to get them know our philosophy, the products that we offer and the way we make them, the people that work in our company, opinions about style and the  ways to choose the right handbag and many more things including the latest trends in fashion.   Laroll was founded in 2012 in Greece and collaborates with European partners from



"Aesthetic and clean designs that emphasize in functionality, are designs that make your bag unique, stylish and functional"



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