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How to smartly choose a bag for your summer vacation. 5 essential features to look into.

July has just started and we are all welcoming those warm sunny days and share the enthusiasm of planning our summer vacations.

  In the beginning of this adventurous month we are always busy sorting out the last details for our vacations ( booking a hotel , renting a car, etc ). Among all the tasks l particularly assort one as the most important : packaging.

  How many times have we forgotten to package something essential? Yes, too many times. And how many times have we come to the conclusion that we didn’t choose the right handbag for our holidays? Either the bag was too heavy, maybe not too spacious or sometimes not so durable as we initially thought.

  In conclusion, planning the packaging a bit earlier and choosing the right bag for our vacations is way too important.

  Among all the features l could mention in this post l will stand out the five most important.

  → First of all we need to choose the right material of the bag. Vacations mean a lot of packaging so we are definitely going to fill our bags with plenty of things and the last thing we need is to wander around with a torn handbag because it couldn’t stand the weight. Because of this, l suggest to choose either a waxed canvas (or simply canvas ) bag or a genuine leather bag or even a combination of those two. After all, investing in a good travel bag is pretty much handy for all those people who tend to travel frequently.

  → The second feature l look into a travel bag is the structure and design. The handbag needs to be spacious but not too “bulky “ looking when it is full. A flat, wide bottom results in a spacious bag whilst a narrower top depth will help the aesthetic look of the bag. The large Helen hobo bag is exactly designed in this way.

  → Additionally, the most important element regarding the design is the number of pockets. The more they are, the better. If the bag is designed with multiple compartments and includes interior and exterior organizer pockets then we don’t have to search at the bottom of our bag to find our keys, tickets, cell phone, passport etc. When you have many pockets you can simply organize your essentials and place everything in order. It will certainly save you time and make your vacation easier.The convertible Arte bag is the perfect example in this case. 10 pockets in total including exterior pockets and a smart, spacious design.

→ The third factor l pay attention to is the weight of the bag. If  the bag is a little heavy when it is empty imagine how heavy it will get when it will be filled with your stuff and you will need to carry it around during your vacation. That often ends up with a pain on your shoulder or your back. So, for travelling l always look for a durable and light-weight bag.

→ Last but not least, there are two more factors that l also take into consideration. I suggest that you choose a bag with a top zipper closure and not with magnetic snaps. We are all aware that we have to be very careful with our belonging especially when travelling. And lastly, it is an absolute necessity to choose a bag that has a removable and adjustable cross body strap. There will be a lot of moments when you will need to go hands-free ( airport check-in, while taking photos , shopping , sightseeing etc)

  So, if you haven’t done it already and if you are in the middle of planning your summer vacation don’t forget to take time and choose the right summer travel bag for your needs.

We all wish you a great summer!


Laroll Team

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