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How to smartly pack your handbag for travelling.

Why is it so important to choose the right carry on handbag when traveling?

More than often, when we pack our luggage for our upcoming trip, we subconsciously try to save some space in our luggage, whilst not forgetting our essentials, and we also try to make the luggage as light as possible. Therefore, packing a second carry on handbag is not an option most of the times, while taking an evening clutch or a small cross body bag seems more practical and useful.

Consequently, choosing the one and only handbag for our trip is essential, as it will serve several purposes. It will accompany us while traveling on the plane – boat etc, and it will be our everyday carry on bag while on vacation and it will also need to be a stylish and elegant accessory for our evening walks.

  On our trip, we chose the SOLIN hobo bag because, as we mentioned in our previous post, it is designed with a wide flat base, which makes it a very spacious handbag, and with multiple compartments and organizational pockets. Plus, it comes with a long cross body strap and it is also a light weight bag.

 In this post, we display the essentials we chose to pack in our bag and how neatly and organized they have been stored inside the SOLIN handbag.


-Cell phone


-charger for cell phone and laptop



-mp3 player



-cleaning wipes

-paper handkerchiefs

-water bottle


-cosmetic bags

-small camera



-headache meds


-lip product with spf

-lip balm and lipstick

Oh, yes all those things are in our bag!

We all wish you a great summer!


Update: Thank you for loving the Solin handbag! We will be releasing a new hobo bag with exterior pockets in September 2019, therefore the Solin handbag will no longer be available.


Angela TH, Topalidou

Founder / Designer

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