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Laroll Summer Collection : Milos, Naxos & The Striped Pouch.

Product preview and the story behind the design.

We find it important to state the story behind the design of a bag because it is useful for the customer to judge if the particular one is the right choice for his needs.

The primary thought was to design a summer bag that could serve many occasions. We wanted it to be ideal as a beach bag, for traveling and for the walks in the island from day to night. We also had in mind the women who tend to carry a lot of things, like mothers, who need to stuff their shoulder bag with children’s things besides their personal necessities.

We ended up creating two nautical totes, which were named after our favorite islands; Milos & Naxos.

First thing in mind was to find beautiful fabrics with stripes, as we are huge fans of striped handbags and not only as summer bags. We discovered two beautiful fabrics, originated from Spain and in limited quantity. The quality of the fabrics is superior and they can be easily cleaned which is another important factor. Both fabrics are 100% cotton.

As with all Laroll handbags, the main feature is the organization you will find inside the bag. Designed with 7 interior pockets in total ( Naxos has an extra zipper pocket outside), in large and medium sizes, each of your belongings will find its place inside. Carrying the bag to the beach, you can easily store towels, bottles, food, clothes, sunscreens along with everything you carry daily like a phone and wallet.

  For mothers, the slip pockets are ideal for diapers and baby creams. The water-repellent fabric inside, makes it easy to wipe it off  with a dry cloth if it gets wet or with a baby wipe if it gets dirty.

Lined in beautiful coral color, this vibrant fabric will cheer you up and will make you easily find what you are looking for inside the bag in contrast with darker linings.

Ideal and comfortable for traveling you can carry everything you need for your vacation.

Some details we love:

  • The matching striped pouch with a leather tassel
striped pouch interior
  • The exterior zipper pocket in Naxos tote
  • The colorful leather bottoms
bottom leather tote
  • The handle ropes in Milos which are decorated with leather.
handle ropes details

We hope you enjoy our new creation and we wish you all a great summer!

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Laroll Team

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